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Cook's Club Kolymbia



An island of enchanting beaches and clear Aegean seas, meandering forested countryside and rustic villages with whitewashed homes, Rhodes is a feast for the eyes. Blend in the buzzing nightlife, an alluring Old Town and the atmospheric stories of Greek mythology, and this becomes an island you won’t forget in a hurry.

Located near the sandy beach and rustic tavernas of Kolymbia, Cook’s Club Kolymbia is in the ideal location for bringing together relaxation with island exploration. Make the most of everything the hotel has to offer, before following in the footsteps of the explorers from past times to soak up the magic of the island for yourself.



Acropolis of Lindos

The ruins of this ancient citadel are truly majestic and give a glimpse of the incredible history of the island. Perched on a steep cliff, the views of the sea and the island are magnificent here too. While you’re there, explore the rest of Lindos as well – it was first settled by the Dorians 3,000 years ago and today melds the old with the new seamlessly.


Old Town of Rhodes

An otherworldly medieval walled town that can only be entered by one of seven gates, the Old Town of Rhodes is unlike anywhere else. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a place to meander through a labyrinth of cobbled lanes, discover hidden courtyards, and visit palaces, museums and tiny chapels. The many eateries and cafes are perfect for watching the world go by.


Seven Springs

Just a few kilometers away from Cook’s Club Kolymbia, Seven Springs (Epta Piges) is a protected landscape of natural springs, as well as a lake and a shady forested area. Ideal for a refreshing swim, an energizing walk and a visit to a traditional Rhodian taverna, this is a corner of Rhodes well worth a visit.


Butterfly Valley

This beguiling natural landscape is filled with the fluttering wings of millions of butterflies. They’re attracted by the Zitia trees here, and the landscape as a whole is stunning. Visitors can go for a walk along a trail that passes through the trees and alongside a shimmering brook.


Kalithea Springs

This coastal area of Rhodes has been visited since ancient times for the healing properties of the waters. The location has been restored to its former glory, and people now visit to swim in the clear waters of the coves, and enjoy the magnificent architecture of some of the restored buildings.


Faliraki Water Park

A destination for thrill seekers and water lovers, Faliraki Water Park offers a great day out, whatever your age. It has water slides, artificial wave pools and original games for all ages. And for those who like a little more relaxation, the lazy river is the ideal option.



Tsambika Beach

This pretty stretch of golden sand is just 6km away from Cook’s Club Kolymbia. There’s a little bit of everything going on here – crystal clear waters, plenty of sun loungers and beach front cafes, plus a selection of water sports to try. Sundays have a party atmosphere for those who like a high-energy visit to the beach. Nearby, the hilltop monastery of Tsambika is worth visiting, with its Byzantine allure and incredible views.


Prasonisi Beach

Found on the southern tip of Rhodes, Prasonisi is an island that is connected to Rhodes by its sandy beaches at low tide. The beaches here are jaw-droppingly beautiful, with a sheltered spot to one side, and waves ideal for surfing and other water sports on the other side. Spending a day here is idyllic.


Anthony Quinn Bay

A small beach in a stunning cove of turquoise waters, this is a popular spot to visit for its sheer beauty. Surrounded by rocky cliffs and scented pine trees, there is something genuinely captivating about this tucked away beach.

Local Traditions and Festivals


Medieval Rose Festival

Last weekend of May

This festival celebrates the rose, which is the much-loved symbol of the island. With roses blooming in parks across Rhodes at this time of year, this is the perfect time to celebrate the flower. The Medieval Rose Festival centers on the Old Town of Rhodes. Expect parades, fairs, street performances and gastronomy events.


Medieval Festival at the Castle of Kritinia


This two day event honors medieval times, with a whole host of medieval games and activities, screenings of audiovisual material, and plenty of food and drink. Kritinia Castle is fascinating in itself, as it was built on a hilltop in 1472 by the Knights of St. John.


European Music Day


This vibrant event sees the city center of Rhodes Town transformed into an open air playground for people of all ages. The European Music Day has everything from cultural activities to music performances, located around the Old Town, the City Hall Square and the Aquarium.


Strawberry Festival


Hosted in the village of Paradisi on the north-west coastline of Rhodes, the Strawberry Festival celebrates everything to do with strawberries. Visitors can taste strawberries from local producers, and enjoy traditional music and dance events.


Watermelon Festival


This quirky festival celebrates the watermelon, a locally loved fruit. Expect to see watermelon carving from skilled craftsmen, football matches with huge overripe watermelons, a watermelon throwing competition, and even watermelon rind riding!


Assumption of the Virgin Mary

15 August

One of the largest Orthodox celebrations in Greece, the Rhodes Assumption of the Virgin Mary event takes place in the village of Kremasti. Held in honor of the mother of Christ, believers and visitors come to one of the most beautiful churches in Rhodes to pray and watch the event. The feast also hosts a Panhellenic exhibition of handicrafts and other cultural events.

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