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Enjoy your meal without messing with coins & notes

Dining Concepts

Cash-free, Hassle-free

A little more indulgence and extra delights are what you deserve. If you’ve booked a half-board package and order food & drinks at Cook’s Club exceeding the total daily credits of 16€* (expire at midnight) included in your package, take it easy. You can pay and top up your credits through:

  • E-bracelet
  • Prepaid card
  • Smartphone app

Check the remaining credits in your personal e-wallet at the food & drinks stations at our Cantina restaurant. It’s just a breeze. Swing by the Cook’s Club reception or the cash point at the last station of Cantina to top up your credits.

* Breakfast (excluding Breakfast Specials) is free for guests with half-board package and will not be deducted from the daily credits.

Cooks Club Hotel Restaurant

Wake up to a glorious breakfast

Perk up your day with a varied choice of energy-boosting breakfast at the Cook’s Club food stations at Cantina.

Choose from fresh bread & pastries, cereals, vitamin-filled fruit & vegetables to egg dishes. Sit back and sip the filter coffee, tea and water that are also included in your package.

Wish for more? Go ahead and order our Cook’s Club breakfast specials at an additional charge. Refreshing smoothies, cappuccino from the barista and fresh avocado with your omelette are there for a great start to your day.

Cooks Club Hotel Restaurant

Then a tastebud-teasing dinner

Return to Cook’s Club and satisfy your cravings after a long day. We believe more choices are always better, so we prepare two different menus a day for you, both of which include a starter, a main dish and a dessert. Oh yes, that’s called a 3-course dinner.

If you’ve booked Cook’s Club half-board package but prefer more flexible options and creative meals, why not create your own personalised menu by cherry picking from our food stations? Choose from any dishes offered at Cantina and mix & match to your heart’s content.

No sweat if you’ve exceeded the 16€ daily credits included in your Cook’s Club half-board package: you can always top up, order more and stretch your stomach.