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Cook's Club Tigaki Kos

Travel Update

Better safe than sorry

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our staff and our guests. Therefore we have implemented an comprehensive anti-COVID-19 program which features enhanced sanitation and hygiene protocols to ensure that our hotels continue to provide a safe haven and a starting point for a relaxed holiday. Please find a concrete list of the measures we are taking at Cook's Club Tigaki Kos below:


General Practices

- Our hotel has a meticulous action and prevention plan for COVID-19 in place and we work with a certified consultant to secure safety measures for our guests.

- The hotel disposes of a separate COVID room and transportation in the case of a suspected case of COVID-19.

- A 24/7 cooperation with medical services and doctors is in place.

- Public areas are going to be disinfected several times per day.

- Hand sanitizing stations are available in all public areas.

- Visitors are currently not allowed to enter the hotel.


Reception / Arrival

- We have a service protocol for our reception staff in place.

- Our staff is following a rigid hygiene protocol and maintaining a safe distance from the customers.

- Our staff is trained to inform visitors about the accommodation policy and the measures taken to deal with any incidents with COVID-19. We will provide you with all necessary information of health care providers, pharmacies etc. in the area and in the hotel and will facilitate contact with health care providers, public and private hospitals and pharmacies.

- The hotel disposes of Personal Protective Equipment like gloves, masks, aprons, long-sleeved robes and disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer for the case of an incident.

- Hand sanitizer is displayed at various key points of our lobby area.

- Floor markings facilitate a smooth guest flow with maintained safety distances between guests.

- Guests are encouraged to use touch-free payment methods.

- Key cards are disinfected in a special container before their use with the next guest.

- Check in and check out times have been adjusted to allow more time between stays.

- Visitors are currently not allowed in guest rooms.



- A minimum of four hours is scheduled for cleaning and disinfecting rooms after departure of a guest and before arrival of the new guest.

- Check in time has been postponed to 3 pm unless the room has been free from the previous day.



- Housekeeping will only enter the room upon request by the guest.

- Our staff will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment.

- Dirty linen and towels will be cleaned following a strict laundry protocol.


Cantina Restaurant and Captain Cook Bar

- Tables and chairs have been arranged with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters following government guidance.

- Tables and chairs will be disinfected before and after every guest.

- All menus are available in digital form via a QR code.

- Payments will be taken using touch-free payment methods.

- Buffets are currently not operating and staff will assist you with food service.

- Floor indicators help to facilitate a low-contact guest flow.

- Bar stools have temporarily been removed.

- Hand sanitizing stations are displayed in all restaurant and bar facilities.

- Sauces and spices will be provided in individual packaging.


Keep calm & travel safe,

Your Cook's Club Tigaki Kos team