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Cook's Club Sunny Beach

Travel Update

We're ready - your safety is our priority

Dear Guests,
this summer is different for everyone and therefore, with a series of measures and procedureswe ensure to deliver quality services in a carefree and safe environment.
Please be informed about the adjustments to our operations below that we introduced in our hotel.


In General

Your safety is our priority.


- The entire hotel will be entirely disinfected before the season opening

- A detailed procedure has been developed in case of suspicion of coronavirus infection in a guest or staff member

- A designated room has been created for the isolation of a person showing clear symptoms of coronavirus infection


Front Desk

We are there for you 24/7 and have put the following measures in place:


- Detailed staff training and protocols are provided to all members of staff to guarantee the health of our guests

- All guests are informed about the security and safety policy and procedures, as well as about the preventive measures applied in the hotel

- The reception has the phone numbers of the regional health authorities, the medical institution with which a service contract has been concluded, the emergency centers, pharmacies, etc. for a quick reaction in case of any incident

Equipment and hygiene measures:

- Surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant or surface wipes after every guest

- Dispensers with alcoholic hand disinfectant are placed in all public areas

- The reception staff on duty is wearing face coverings or protective shields and disposable gloves

- A maximum of two guests will be checked in or registered at the reception at any given time, unless guests are members of the same group and sharing a room

- “Keep your distance” signs are placed in all public areas

- Processing times at reception are optimized

- The use of electronic card payments instead of cash payments is encouraged

- A sufficient number of face masks is available to guests upon request

- A sufficient number of thermometers is provided for the guests if necessary

- All people entering the hotel will be temperature monitored

- A special carpet-mattress for ground disinfection is placed at the hotel entrance

- Room key cards and bracelets are being delivered disinfected


Lobby & Elevators

Enjoy the premises, always maintaining social distancing.


- Seating in the lobby is arranged to maintain a safe social distance of 1.5m.

- Crowding in the lobby at busy arrival and departure times is prevented by signposting and signage

- Hand sanitizer is placed at the entrance of the hotel and in all public areas

- Public areas are disinfected every hour, paying special attention to surfaces with high guest contact

- A dispenser with hand sanitizer is placed at the entrance of the elevator оn the ground and on all floors upon exiting the elevator

- The use of the elevator is limited to maximum two people, unless they are members of one family

- The contact surfaces in the elevator are disinfected every hour. Particular attention is paid to the buttons



Enjoy your privacy in comfort and safety.


- Luggage delivery to the rooms by porter can be arranged upon request

- In addition to the routine cleaning of the room, disinfection of all contact surfaces, equipment, bathroom and thorough ventilation of the room is performed after a guests departure

- Our housekeeping team is equipped with personal protective equipment – face shields and disposable gloves

- On the recommendation of the health authorities, the ventilation system in the rooms is switched off. Please ventilate your room by keeping the balcony door open. We recommend that you also keep the bathroom door open. All individual air-conditioners that rooms are maintained and disinfected.

- All reusable materials, spare pillows, blankets and all decorative accessories, water glasses and napkins have been removed from the guest rooms


Restaurant & Bar

The only thing that has changed is the procedure.


- A one way system for guest flow is in place

- Signage at the entrance encourages guests to wash hands with soap and water before meals

- Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of the restaurant

- Physical barriers have been installed to prevent direct contact of the guests with the food on the buffet

- The food at the buffet is handed over by employees who are equipped with personal protective equipment - face shields and disposable gloves

- Tables at the restaurant have a glass coating, which allows their disinfection after each guest

- A minimum distance of 1.5m is guaranteed between tables. The maximum capacity per table is 4 PAX if guests are members of one family.

- All public toilets are disinfected every hour

- Cutlery is individually packaged and provided to the guests

- Beverage dispensers are disinfected as often as possible during meal times



Swim carefree under the Bulgarian sun.


- The water in the swimming pool is treated according to the Order of the Minister of Health

- A stationary disinfection dispenser is provided in the pool area

- Sunbeds have been placed to guarantee the minimum distance of 1.5m

- Sunbeds are disinfected at least once a day or after each guest

- Matresses have been removed from the sunbeds

- Pool towels can be borrowed from reception


Recommendations to our guests

- Please maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, washing hands regularly and making use of provided hand sanitizer, throughout the hotel premises

- Please maintain the recommended 1.5m distance from other guests

- Please follow the signs and guidelines posted throughout the hotel

- In case of coronavirus symptoms like headache, dry cough, weakness or temperature over 38 С, please contact the Reception desk by calling them on the phone and do not leave your room until you receive further instructions!


Keep calm & travel safe,

Your Cook's Club Sunny Beach team