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There are over 260 beaches in Mallorca, but despite the swarms of sun-seeking tourists that descend on the island every summer, there are still many hidden nooks and secret spots ready to be explored. From blissful beaches and secluded coves to century-old villages and breathtaking mountains, it truly has it all.

That’s the beauty of Mallorca – it’s an island of contrasts. One minute you’re driving down a winding, narrow rocky road to a seaside cafe, next minute you’re in the mountains, surrounded by lush greens, citrus trees and rich bougainvillea. It’s a nature lovers paradise.


Beyond the beaches and dramatic landscapes, Palma boasts a thriving gastronomic scene with an impressive selection of trendy bars and restaurants, as well as great shopping. There’s truly something for everyone.



Piccolo Sogno (S’Arenal)

Piccolo Sogno is the real pearl of S’Arenal, serving up some of the most delicious Italian food in the region. The vibe is authentic, the service is friendly and the pizza is out of this world. But be warned: the word has spread and folks in the area are desperate to get a table at this little Italian gem, so be sure to book ahead.


Restaurante las Sirenas (S’Arenal)

A wonderful fish joint with an impressive selection of fresh seafood and a buzzy atmosphere. The menu is based around Mediterranean-style tapas and main dishes, best washed down with a cold beer or glass of wine at one of the best seaside settings in Mallorca.


Toque de queda (Palma)

This charming little eatery is hidden in the backstreets of Palma, very close to La Rambla. The menu is fresh, innovative and homemade using high-end artisanal ingredients – think traditional Mallorcan cheeses, fresh-cut local meats and a drool-worthy selection of tapas boards to share. The decor is an eclectic mix of second-hand trinkets and treasures, and the vibe is relaxed.



Sifoneria (Palma)  

Sifoneria is quirky, original and just a little bit crazy. This hole-in-the-wall joint offers an ultra-curated selection of local wines and spirits with minimal packaging and waste. The décor is offbeat and brimming with character, and the service is friendly and passionate. Not to be missed.


Bar Andaluz (S’Arenal) 

This atmospheric bar doubles as a tapas restaurant with a great selection of traditional dishes, fresh seafood and delicious drinks. The atmosphere is loud and the service is fast and friendly – and it’s a favourite haunt for the locals. A great place to start your evening. 


Bar Abaco (Palma)

With its church-like interior and bizarre fruit-themed décor, Bar Abaco does things a little differently. The cocktails come with a hefty price tag – one cocktail will set you back €16 - but the opulent interiors, classical music and surreal ambiance make it well worth a visit.



Café l'Antiquari (Palma)

A quirky Bohemian tapas cafe and bar in the heart of Palma's old town, Café l'Antiquari offers an authentic taste of Palma. While you’ll certainly be able to fulfill your coffee cravings here, you can also indulge in their delicious salads, quiches and more, as well as beers and affordable cocktails. Sit outside and soak up the atmosphere while listening to the street musicians play.




Perched in the peaks of the Tramuntana mountains, this sleepy village is steeped in history and old-world charm. The sepia-toned houses contrast against the surrounding forests and lush green flora, and the streets are dotted with quaint galleries, cafes and eateries. Close by, a series of hiking trails wind up through the mountains, offering sweeping views over Mallorca.



The coastal village of Deià is a favourite among the rich and famous – and for good reason. Surrounded by some of Mallorca’s finest landscapes, it’s relaxed vibe, honey-hued buildings and picturesque cobble-stoned streets feel a world away from the bustle of everyday life. Today, it’s widely recognised as an artist’s town, and its quiet streets are home to a curated selection of small art galleries, boutiques and restaurants.



Situated in a beautiful valley between the mountains and the sea, Sóller is an essential stop on any Mallorcan itinerary. Soak up the atmosphere at one of the many outdoor cafes or tapas bars, indulge in homemade local ice-cream or simply marvel at the traditional style buildings, each adorned with the famous green Mallorcan shutters. While you’re in the area, consider paying a visit to Ecovinyassa – a charming little citrus farm on the outskirts of town.



Calo del Moro

Beaches are aplenty in Mallorca, but the best ones require a bit of adventuring. Locals refer to Calo del Moro as “one of Mallorca’s best-kept secrets that everyone knows about”. That’s because, for a long time, this tiny stretch of fine white sand and translucent blue water was relatively unknown. Nowadays, the word has spread, but it’s still worth the trip to experience its impressive beauty.


Cala Llombards

At just 55 metres long, Cala Llombards is small but mighty. The secluded bay, which is surrounded by pine trees and steep, rocky cliffs, is a local favourite. The sand is soft and white and the water is beautifully clear. There is a small café playing music and selling fresh food and drinks, and a handful of tiny, wooden fishermen’s shacks lined up against the coast.

Cala S'almonia

Reaching the picturesque bay of Cala S'almonia requires a bit of stamina and some good walking shoes. But after walking down 120 steep steps, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best views on the island. The small, rocky cove boasts nothing more than utterly translucent water and a few simple fishermen’s shacks, but it’s beautiful – and a great stop for a spot of snorkeling.