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Cook's Club Hersonissos Crete

Modern Food Interpretation

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Wholesome treats and signature dishes

At the heart of Cook's Club Hersonissos Crete is Cantina restaurant, a buzzing culinary mecca brimming with fresh local and international dishes from six different food stations. Cantina is here for you all day round for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks - everything from the Asian cuisine to local flavors, vegan and healthy options to greasy grub.

Cantina at Cook's Club Hersonissos Crete pleases even the fussiest eater with its ever-changing food concept. Here, it’s all about the freedom of choice, with a menu that takes you on a mouth-watering journey from the crowded streets of Saigon to the local familial feasts of Greece and beyond. Try something totally new or stick to your hearty home-cooked favorites.

Indulge in signature dishes handcrafted by top chefs from around the world and make the most of a diverse menu at Cook's Club Hersonissos Crete that pleases every palate. You can choose between our two meal plans: bed & breakfast or half board.

It’s the ideal antidote to modern day stresses and the perfect opportunity to meet and mingle with kindred spirits from all over the world right at Cook's Club Hersonissos Crete.

BREAKFAST: 7.30-11.00 am

LUNCH: All-day Menu, available from 12.00-10.00 pm

Choose from:

  • All-Time Favorites: all dishes from the Cook’s Club Cantina menu *
  • Menu that varies daily (surprise!)

* Local Favorites such as ‘The Greek’ salad, ‘Cook’s Hot Chicks’ (chicken souvlaki) & ‘Homemade Tzatziki’ are not included

DINNER: 6:30-10.00 pm

Choose from:

  • Two menus that vary daily (more surprises!)
  • Local Favorites
Cooks Club Hersoniss Hotel Greece Restaurant
Cooks Club Hotel Restaurant

Captain Cook Bar


Good times never end, if you keep them rolling! Extend the perfect day into night with a poolside sundown cocktail at the Captain Cook bar (10.00 am - 02.00 am) of Cook's Club Hersonissos Crete. Choose from a menu designed by one of the world’s top mixologists & barkeeper, Berlin-based “David Wiedemann”. Sip on fresh juices and premium spirits, each thoughtfully garnished with handpicked herbs from our own herb garden.