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Cook's Club Alanya

Weekly FUN

Welcome to a regular week at Cooks Club Alanya. To celebrate the simple life by the beach, we’ve curated a full weekly programme of activities to get your bodies moving and explore the sights. Think workshops, recharging exercises, DJ sets and more. To top it off, we’ve cherrypicked our favourite local activities and excursions, shining the spotlight on the best of Alanya’s culture and history. You’ll experience a side of Türkiye you’ve never seen before, with unique insights from our local guides. Have a look at our unique weekly programme!

Weekly Fun ( )
Cooks Club Alanya



  • Morning practice

Start your day the right way with an awakening wellness practice, offering a unique and ever-changing mix of yoga, trekking to Alanya Castle, core and water aerobics. 


  • Fitness activity

Get your blood pumping and your endorphins running with our alternating daily fitness programme. Classes include cross training, senior circuit, and functional training with a certified personal trainer.


  • Evening practice

As the sun sets, join us for a gentle and calming evening practice. From gong baths to yoga and sound meditation, it’s the ideal activity for those looking to try something new and connect with others.


  • Locally inspired activities

Make the most of Alanya’s unique surroundings through a series of local activities. From bike tours and food excursions to hiking and diving workshops, there’s truly something for everyone.