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Cook's Club El Gouna

Bliss Week El Gouna

23 - 29 May 2022

2022 promises to be a Summer of fun and relaxation, as Cook’s Club brings to you Bliss Week – A culmination of the brand spirit brought to life with an exciting host of activities across our 11 hotels. Ranging from cocktail masterclasses to poolside DJ sets of laidback enjoyment and electronic genre, inspired by the signature Cook’s Club essence. In addition to this, Bliss week El Gouna brings a pharaonic culture to its programme immersing guests in the best the region has to offer. 

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  • Cooks Club El Gouna Hotel Egypt Beach
  • Cooks Club El Gouna Hotel Egypt Beach
  • EG HRG Cooks Club El Gouna R wd kf
  • EG HRG Cooks Club El Gouna R wd kf
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Program highlights


Escorting guests in a private air-conditioned minibus to Hurghada, as we embark upon its history and allurement. Hurghada is a sandy beach resort town stretching some 40km along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. It’s renowned for scuba diving and has numerous shops and schools in its modern Sekalla district. There are multiple restaurants, bars and nightclubs, while the old town, El Dahar, is home to traditional Egyptian coffee shops and souks (markets).


Relaxing Yoga & Meditation flow to destress and recharge at the Steigenberger Golf Course – a 7-minute walk from the hotel. Surrounded by greenery & the colourful sunset sky at one of the most beautiful and vast landscapes in El Gouna.


As we, journey with guests to a nearby market, to obtain ingredients for traditional Egyptian cuisine. Guests will observe the chef prepare the feast, and shortly after, each guest will attempt to replicate themselves.

Staff will act as judges to choose the best tasting dish. The winner will acquire a fabulous dinner for two at one of our restaurants in El Gouna, free of charge.


Sandbox Festival is a yearly festival held on Egyptian beaches since 2012. Heading into its 8th edition, Sandbox Festival is a diverse but intimate gathering of like-minded strangers, with longer set times and more live acts that complement the organic nature of this festival by the sea.

Favouring intimate artists and entertainment over traditional big headliners, with thousands gathering right on the Red Sea to enjoy longer set times and live acts from both local and international artists, playing shoulder to shoulder on Sandbox Festival’s stages.

Love, music, connection, friends, dance, sun and sea - that is what our Sandbox is all about! When they aren’t dancing, our guests take in the gorgeous Red Sea by kitesurfing, diving, snorkelling, or just chilling on the warm sands.

El Gouna, Egypt

Cook's Club El Gouna

Windsurf, snorkel and dive at our latest hotel: the adult-only Cook's Club El Gouna is situated on the shores of the Red Sea in Egypt.

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