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Cook's Club Corfu

Weekly FUN

Welcome to a regular week at Cooks Club Corfu. To celebrate the simple life by the pool, we’ve curated a full weekly programme of activities to get your bodies moving and explore the sights. Align your chakra, with yoga, sound healing, pilates, core & more. To top it off, we’ve cherrypicked our favourite resident DJs poolside to keep your spirits lifted while working that tan line. You’ll experience a side of live music, with unique insights from our kumquat factory tour. Have a look at our unique weekly programme!

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  • Morning practice

Start your day the right way with an awakening wellness practice, offering a unique and ever-changing mix of yoga, sound healing, core and cross training. 


  • Fitness activity

Get your blood pumping and your endorphins running with our alternating daily fitness programme. Classes include core, cross training, HIIT burn and functional training with a certified personal trainer.