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Cook's Club Alanya

Travel Update

We're ready - your safety is our priority

Dear Guests,
this summer is different for everyone and therefore, with a series of measures and procedures we ensure to deliver quality services in a carefree and safe environment.
Please be informed about the adjustments to our operations below that we introduced in our hotel.


General Practices

Your safety is our priority.


- Our hotel is following the Safe Tourism Certificate criteria determined by the T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism and all our departments have individual and rigorous safety procedures and protocols in place

- We take special care to ensure that a “Safe Physical Distance" is maintained and followed at all times in public areas.

- We have a 24/7 doctor and nurse on call.

- The hotel disposes of and isolation room in case of a suspected COVID-19 emergency.


Upon Arrival/Front Desk

We are there for you 24/7 and have put the following measures in place:

- At the hotel’s entrance of the hotel, thermal fever meter measures the temperature of all entering guests, suppliers and staff. No one above 38 degrees will be allowed to enter the hotel. 

- Our hotel app will help you to reduce physical contact and to manage check-in or maintenance processes directly from the app.

- All luggage will be disinfected at check-in. 


Public Areas

Enjoy the premises, always maintaining social distancing.


- All open and closed areas are disinfected regularly, and disinfection processes are recorded.

- All hotel floors are ceramic or laminate which is easy to clean. 

- Disinfection of all public areas is taking place using ozone and ULV machines

- Maximum attention is paid to frequently touched surfaces and facilities like, toilet cleaning and disinfection of door handles, buttons, telephone handsets. 



Enjoy your privacy in comfort and safety.


- All rooms are entirely cleaned and disinfected after a guest’s departure and before the next arrival. 

- Our housekeeping team is wearing Personal Protective Equipment while cleaning guest rooms.

- All rooms have sufficient washing liquid. 

- Textile products are washed using detergent chemicals approved by our hygiene partner Unilever.

- TV and AC remote controls are disinfected and put into ziplocked bags

- Additionally, we offer the option to provide all room textiles pre-packaged upon a guest’s arrival. 


Restaurants & Bars

The only thing that has changed is the procedure.


- We check and disinfect all food deliveries and record the disinfection times and types. We work with an independent food safety supplier that regularly supervise our procedures. 

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner times have been adjusted to offer more flexibility and to reduce guest traffic in our restaurants.

- Tables and chairs are disinfected after every guest. 

- In-Room dining is served by staff wearing masks. Food and utensils are covered. 


Our Staff

Always close despite the distance.


- All staff has been trained in the prevention of Corona Virus in their specific areas. 

- All staff wear their facemask and gloves at all times.


Our Staff & Housekeeping

Always close despite the distance.


- Our staff follows all key measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

- The housekeeping, alike all other hotel staff, are following the training and enhanced hygiene procedures at all times.


Keep calm & travel safe,

Your Cook's Club Alanya team